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The 2021 Screening and Awards Ceremony is around the corner.  After a rollercoaster year, it feels incredible to FINALLY get together to celebrate local filmmaking.  CC7D gratefully acknoweldges Alamo Drafthouse Corpus Christi, BUS and House of Rock for their continued support of the creative community in Corpus Christi.


The Screening begins at 1:00 pm and features three flights of films.  The doors open and seating begins at 12:00 pm.  


Tickets are on sale now and you can purchase them here.


You can find the screening order for all the films here.


Here’s what you can expect for the 2021 CC7D Screening and Awards Ceremony 


Choose your Coronapocalypse Experience. 

We get it.  Some of us care about vaccinations and masks.  Some of us are tired of hearing about it.  No matter where you stand on the issue, the 2021 CC7D Screening offers a variety of options based on your personal comfort level concerning COVID-19 safety protocols.  CC7D Steer Comm has designated a different safety measure for each theater:  The Masked and Vaxed Experience, the Masked Experience, and the Unmasked Experience.  You can purchase a ticket to the theater that meets the safety protocol of your choice, but be aware that you will be required to remain in that theater.      


Tickets are Pre-Sale.  

Tickets for CC7D are available for purchase now and sales will end November 12 at 11:59 pm.  Tickets will not be available at the door. Make sure you’ve purchased your tickets in advance because we really hate turning people away. 



CC7D Steer Comm does not want to spend the day being the Mask Police. If you’ve purchased a ticket in the Vaxed and Masked Theater or the Masked Theater, you’ve agreed to wear a mask in all communal areas of Alamo Drafthouse (ie, the lobby, restrooms, or any time you get up from your seat).  If you’ve purchased a ticket in the Unmasked Theater, we’re trusting that you’ll respect the health and safety of our creative community to guide your choice and simply wear a mask in all communal, indoor spaces.  


No Cash Accepted. 

Alamo Drafthouse servers will happily take your orders through the duration of your attendance at the CC7D Screening.  If you’ve purchased an All-Day Pass, you can start the day with a tab using  a credit/debit card and it will transfer through out the day until you’re ready to close your tab.   If you’ve purchased tickets to two flights of films, you can also keep your tab open for the duration of your stay using a credit/debit card.  Even if you’re attending for one flight — you can start a tab with a credit/debit card at the beginning of the flight and close it at the end of the flight.  Just make sure you return to the same seat you sat in at the beginning of the day all day long. So leave the cash at home and help out the good folks at Alamo Drafthouse.  


Shortened Intermissions. 

Intermissions will occur between each flight and will last for 15 minutes.  If you're used to buying those great cocktails at the Alamo Drafthouse Lobby Bar during intermission, never fear!  The full Alamo Drafthouse menu (cocktails and all!) is available throughout the day and you can easily order them from your seat.   With all the hustling the Alamo Drafthouse servers will be doing, be cool and make sure to leave them an awesome tip! 


Audience Award Voting.

All Day Pass ticket holders will be given Audience Award Ballots for each flight upon entry to the CC7D Screening.  Ticket holders for individual flights will also be given an Audience Award ballot for their ticketed flight upon entry.  A ballot box will be placed in each theater and Audience Award voting will happen during each intermission.   Lost ballots will not be replaced, so make sure you hang on to it.   Only All Day Pass holders will receive a token to vote in the Audience Award finals at BUS.  Lost tokens will not be replaced.  


Awards Ceremony at BUS!

The Awards Ceremony is at BUS but you can also get House of Rock snacks.  This is the most difficult coronapocalypse change.  We’ve been saying for years that all great film events begin and end at House of Rock.  However, safety protocols guide us to host the Awards Ceremony at an awesome outdoor venue and BUS is a great partner!  So while you’re buying your celebratory cocktail with our home-away-from-home, put in an order of food at House of Rock and you’ll get free delivery!  You can find the House of Rock Kitchen menu here.


Let us know if you’ve got any questions regarding the 2021 CC7D Screening and Awards Ceremony!  The best way to reach us is via email at infocc7d@gmail.com



CC7D Steer Comm

Heidi Hovda, Chair

Stephanie Garcia 

Mickey Kramer

Danica Kramer

Allison Flores