Statement from CC7D Steering Committee


When the state of Texas went into lockdown in March, CC7D Steer Comm explored every option and every scenario to safely and effectively produce another great year of the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project.  


We thought it was possible.  We truly believed that if any event could happen in a pandemic, it could be this one. 


However, as the new confirmed cases for COVID-19 rise in Nueces County and throughout Texas, CC7D Steer Comm has reassessed the feasibility of this plan.  After monitoring the situation closely, we’ve concluded that we must cancel CC7D in 2020.  


Because CC7D is a close-knit community and we have received some feedback from filmmakers that they would like CC7D to happen in 2020, we would like to take this opportunity to share our reasoning. 


For thirteen years, CC7D filmmakers and teams have had the opportunity to participate in a film race competition that delivers cash prizes, gifts and awards to participants.  We believe this is a key component to the success of CC7D - one that we do not want to compromise.

However, the reality exists that hosting events of any size is now a risky venture in the face of the financial instability brought forth from COVID-19. 


Furthermore, the fluidity in the rise of confirmed COVID-19 cases across Texas makes it extremely difficult to plan any event in the long-term.  Guidelines and directives from counties and the state of Texas can change with little notice.   Our best laid plans for a successful, meaningful event for CC7D participants could easily be curtailed by the necessary guidelines laid out to keep our whole communities safe. 


It’s challenging to make a film in 7 days.  Each and every year over the past thirteen years, CC7D Steer Comm is blown away by the ingenuity and creativity CC7D Teams bring to make their films amazing.  We strive to provide a foundation for the Teams to build a great film - and have a great time while making it. 


COVID-19, however, adds an additional challenge for filmmakers that could alter the quality of their films.  One CC7D filmmaker put it best: “I predict a lot of films with Zoom calls.”   


CC7D was started in 2007 with two ideas in mind: create an event that showcases Corpus Christi as a film destination and build a strong, vibrant film community in our area.   And for thirteen straight years, all the filmmakers and all the teams and participants have made that happen.  We sincerely thank you for that.  Without all of your efforts, this event would not have been as popular and significant in our community.  


But we cannot compromise on the health and safety of our film community.  We cannot ask people to risk exposure to a virus whose results range from asymptomatic to hospitalization or death.  There are too many variables with too many risks associated with people gathering together right now.  We would rather have our film community intact to gather together in 2021 than push forward to make CC7D happen in 2020.  


Stay safe CC7D fans!  Do everything you can to help stop the spread.  Keep your creativity flowing and keep making films — just do it as safely as possible.  We’ll see you all in 2021.   

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