2021 CC7D

Flight 1 - Starts at 1:00 pm 

“While Waiting in the Wings” 

Broadway Geeks

Team Leader - Victoria Shaw* 

“This is Real”

New Angle Productions

Team Leader - Joey Trevino

“Spacemen and Galaxy Gals”

Team Edge I

Team Leader - Kippy Edge


Team Edward

Team Leader - Emily Maher* 


Big Mess

Team Leader - Shauna English

“Losing and Saving Grace”

Never Have Enough

Team Leader - Jake Villareal

"Ready to Shine"

Sophia Productions

Team Leader - Sophia Rodriguez*

“Following Karma”

True Mirage Media

Team Leader - Dana Clement


Flight 2 - Starts at 2:30 pm

Please note that these films contain elevated content.  

“Devil May Care”

Vagabond Visuals

Team Leader - Jason Garcia


“You Deserve to Breath” 


Team Leader - Olivia Martinez*



Handsome Sailor Filmwerkes

Team Leader - Tom Doran 



A CDN Company

Team Leader - Cameron Nucete


A Step in the Right Direction”

World Time Now

Team Leader - Chavz Sampson


“Self-Titled Track”


Team Leader - Davis Stainfield*


“A Final Bow”

Team Rocket

Team Leader - August Schwarz*


Half-Cocked Productions

Team Leader - Jeremy Edwards


“Desk Jockies”

Weather Machine Studios

Team Leader - Matthew Gonzales


“Mess with the Bull”


Team Leader - Roel Rodriguez, Jr. 

Flight 3 - Starts at 5:00 pm

“In Waves”

Sleight Films

Team Leader - Jimmy Willden 

“Captain Construction and the Pothole Punisher”

Dastardly Dingo Productions

Team Leader - Lennon Mendiola

“The Yellow Plates”

Not Those Smiths

Team Leader - Dani Smith




Team Leader - Pablo Schmitt

“Code 5” 

Certain Reelity Studios

Team Leader - Preston Neill

“Scout's Honor”

Laughing Sisters Productions

Team Leaders - Carla Gardiner and Geri Elliff



Team Leader - Angel Cantu

“Walk it Out: A Well-Paced Documentary”

Bridge Burners

Team Leader - Aaron Salinas 

*Young Filmmaker