2019 CC7D


Flight 1 

Starts at 1:00 pm 


Team Edge 1

Team Leader - Kippy Edge

Watch the film


"The Creature of Stragathia"

The Yeetin Brothers

Team Leader - Matthew Daugird*

Watch the film

"The Sleepover"


Teresa Durrwachter*

Watch the film

"Flap Jack"


Team Leader - Jared Stainfield*

Watch the film

"The Turtle and the Truth"

The Bewildermints

Team Leader - TJ Tomazin

Watch the film

"Signing Off"

Straight Up Not Having a Good Time

Team Leader - Riley Smith*

Watch the film

"The Way It Was"

Team 7

Team Leader - Kirsten Hutchins

Watch the film

Flight 2 

Starts at 3:00 pm

"Car Wash"

Team Edge 2 

Team Leader - Kippy Edge

Watch the film

"Strange Dani"

Epileptic Penguin

Team Leader - Juan Martinez

Watch the film


Tilted Cup

Team Leader - Steve Maher

Watch the film

"The Heart of Stone"

Tacolover Productions

Team Leader - Angel Cantu 

Watch the film


"Tuned to Kill"

Laughing Sisters Productions 

Team Leader - Geri Elliff 

Watch the film

"Thanks Jerry"

Writers Unblocked

Team Leader - Lauren Hernandez

Watch the film

"The Abyss (of everyone else)"

Fireball Films

Team Leader - Arthur Lung 

Watch the film

Flight 3 

Starts at 5:00 pm



Big Mess

Team Leader - Shauna English

Watch the film


"Bad Trip"

Damn Fine Films

Team Leader - Kelsey Kilgore

Watch the film

"Nefarious Endeavors"

Halfcocked Productions

Team Leader Jeremy Edwards

Watch the film


"The Johnson Brothers"

Not Those Smiths

Team Leader - Carter Smith*

Watch the film


Canchola Productions 

Team Leader - Juan Canchola 

Watch the film

"The Draw"

Film Caliber Productions

Team Leader - Michael Castro 

Watch the film

"Tales from the Smoke Shop"

7 Day Masters of the Universe Tales

Team Leader - Ramon Esparza

Watch the film

"Foul Play"

World Time Now

Team Leader - R. Chavz Sampson 

Watch the film

Watch the Director's Cut

"The Dazzling Dancersons"

Bridge Burners

Team Leader - Aaron Salinas 

Watch the film


Flight 4 

Starts at 7:00 pm

"Exploding Eagle 4: Rise of Justice"

Certain Reelity 

Team Leader - Preston Neill

Watch the film

"Murder at the Manor" 


Team Leader - Pablo Schmitt

This film is being submitted into festivals!  Check back later to see it!

"Feeling Good"

Stealth Flight Media

Team Leader - Stephen Velasquez

Watch the film


"Massage Therapy"

Team Edge 3

Team Leader - Kippy Edge

Watch the film

"Against the World"

The Horsefeathers

Team Leader - TJ Tomazin

Watch the film

"The Hunter"

The Damned United 

Team Leader - Omar Becerra

Watch the film


"The Tragic Tale of Danny Summers"


Team Leader - Eric Alaniz

Watch the film



Bofrad Chaslo

Team Leader - Andrew Tilley

Watch the film


*Young Filmmaker"

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