cc7d: Qualified

filmmaking teams of 2019

"Tales From the Smoke Shop"

7 Day Masters of the Universe

Team Leader Ramon Esparza


"The Sleepover"


Team Leader Teresa Durrwachter*


"The Turtle and the Truth"

The Bewildermints

Team Leader TJ Tomazin



Big Mess

Team Leader Shauna English



Bofrad Chaslo

Team Leader Andrew Tilley


"Murder at the Mansion"

Brainstorm Productions

Team Leader Pablo Schmitt


"The Dazzling Dancersons"


Team Leader Aaron Salinas



Canchola Productions

Team Leader Juan Canchola 


"Exploding Eagle 4: Rise of Justice"

Certain Reelity 

Team Leader Preston Neill


"Bad Trip"

Damn Fine Films

Team Leader Kelsey Kilgore 


"The Hunter"

The Damned United

Team Leader Omar Becerra

"Strange Dani"

Epileptic Penguin Productions

Team Leader Juan Martinez


"The Draw"

Film Caliber Productions

Team Leader Michael Castro


"The Abyss of Everyone Else"

Fireball Films

Team Leader Arthur Lung

"Nefarious Endeavors"

Halfcocked Productions

Team Leader Jeremy Edwards


"The Tragic Tale of Danny Summers"


Team LEader Eric Alaniz


"Against the World"

The Horsefeathers

Team Leader TJ Tomazin 


"Tune to Kill"

Laughing Sisters Productions

Team Leaders Geri Elliff and Carla Gardiner 


"The Johnson Brothers"

Not Those Smiths

Team Leader Carter Smith* 


"Flap Jack"


Team Leader Jared Stainfield*


"Feeling Good"

Stealth Flight Meeting

Team Leader Stephen Velasquez


"Signing Off"

Straight Up Not Having A Good Time

Team Leader Riley Smith*


"The Heart of Stone" 

Tacolover Productions

Team Leader Angel Cantu

"The Way It Was"

Team 7

Team Leader Kristen Hutchens



Team Edge 1

Team Leader Kippy Edge


"Car Wash"

Team Edge 2

Team Leader Kippy Edge


"Massage Therapy"

Team Edge 3

Team Leader Kippy Edge



Titled Cup

Team Leader Steve Maher


"Foul Play"

World Time Now

Team Leader Chav Sampson


"Thanks Jerry"

Writers Unblocked

Team Leader Lauren Hernandez


"The Creature of Stragathia"

The Yeetin Brothers

Team Leader Matthew Daugird*


*Indicates Young Filmmaker