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CC7D Kick-Off - What You Need to Know!

When is the CC7D Kick-Off?

The official filming week for the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project begins on July 5, 2023.  Registration starts at 6:00 pm.  Simply go to the registration tables in front of the stage at The Venue at House of Rock.  The CC7D Steer Comm will be ready to get you signed up.  Registration is $50 cash.  We do not take debit or credit cards or checks. ​

What if I want to participate but I'm not on a team? 

The CC7D Kick-Off is one more opportunity to join a team.  Make sure to introduce yourself to Team Leaders and let them know that you are the linchpin to greatness for their CC7D film.   If you don't want to be extra, then just say, "Hey, I'd love to join your team."    

What happens after I sign up? 

Whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE House of Rock after you sign up.  Signing up to play CC7D is just Step 1.

Once the CC7D Steer Comm determines that there will not be another team to sign up, some brief announcements will happen and information will be shared. 

But the VITAL part of the evening is that after all the announcements and information is shared, the CC7D Steer Comm passes out the 2023 Essential Elements.   The Essential Elements MUST be included in your film and it's very important that Team Leaders are present during this part of the Kick-Off so they can ask questions about the Essential Elements. 

AND -- the VITALEST part of the VITAL information shared at the Kick-Off:  the uncompromising, immovable deadline for when films MUST be turned in.  You do not want to leave House of Rock and begin your CC7D creative journey without knowing when your film is due. 

This is my first time playing CC7D.  What should I know? 

Read the rules.  You can find them here.  Nothing trips up a first time Team Leader more than not taking the time to read the rules.  The CC7D FAQs are another valuable resource for first time Team Leaders.   Checking out the How to Play page is a good idea as well. Also -- feel free to hit us up via email (not FB Messenger or IG DMs) at  We're most responsive there. 

What else?  Surely, there's something else I need to know.  

There is ... but don't call us ShirleySeriously.  Have fun.  All the fun.  Exercise your creative muscles.  Don't try to make something perfect.  You're not going to make the perfect film in 7 days.  But you are going to make something great!  You're going to make great memories with family and friends.  You're going to meet new people.  You're going to have film to show your friends and family forever! 

And if you follow the rules (we cannot stress enough... read the RULES!!)your film will be screened at the Alamo Drafthouse on September 3rd.   


The point of CC7D is to make SOMETHING.  Anything.  Take this opportunity to express yourself.  Take this opportunity to challenge yourself.  Take this opportunity to believe in yourself.  And just have some fun making the movie that lives inside of you! 


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