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The big payoff of CC7D in one butt-numbathon day!  All qualifying CC7D films are shown in a premiere theater experience at Alamo Drafthouse Corpus Christi. 



Flight 1 begins at 1:00 pm

Please note this flight contains elevated content that may not be suitable for all viewers. 

"What Rosie Left Behind"

Team Dragon Productions

Team Leader: Melissa Garcia

"Soliloquy 2"

Handsome Sailor Filmwerks

Team Leader: Tom Doran

"Ex-Istential Crisis"


Team Leader: Sara Hamblin

"El Curandero"

Team Rookie

Team Leader: Martin Cifuentes


Cannon Foot Films

Team Leader: Ken Thurman

"Crimson Flower"

CK Films

Team Leader: Cameron Nucete

"Paprika's Baby" 

Team Edward

Team Leader: William Maher*


Degenerate Films

Team Leader: Savannah Hilliard*

Flight 2 begins at 2:45 pm

"A Thief's Need"

Bridge Burners 

Team Leader: Hercaclio Gonzalez

"One Chance"

Cam Jam

Team Leader: Cameron Zertuche*


Ethereal Vision

Team Leader: Samuel Guzman

"Little Miss"

Certain Reelity Studios

Team Leader: Preston Neill


Bell Lap Productions

Team Leader: Emanuel Ibañez

"maria Maria"

Lucky Cervezas Productions

Team Leader: Angelica Galbraith

"A Conversation"

Reel Good Cinema

Team Leader: Chelsea Hatton

"Valor Broken"

Coastal Boomers

Team Leader: Barney Morris


Home Brew

Team Leader: Kevin McDermott

Flight 3 begins at 4:45 pm

"Package for Two" 


Team Leader: Jeremy Baucom

"Casey Dreams of Nachos"

Racehorse Productions

Team Leader: David Rains

"My Sister's Dance"

Team Nova

Team Leader: Victoria Aguilar

"A Beautiful Flower"

Kemosabe Films

Team Leader: Robert Howard

"Island Soliloquy"

Team Edge

Team Leader: Kippy Edge

"Rabbit Hole"

South Mouth

Team Leader: Mario Garcia

"Heat Sleeper, Pill Diver, The Right of Way is Behind You Now"

Tyrant Fyre Hydrant

Team Leader: Guin Stainfield 


Ratwood Productions

Team Leader: Roel Rodriguez, Jr. 

"Le: Icon"


Team Leader: Pablo Schmitt

*Young Filmmaker

Join us for the 2023 CC7D Awards Ceremony at House of Rock, 8:00 pm

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