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Everything you need to know about CC7D Audience Award Voting

The CC7D Audience Award is a popular and sought-after award for CC7D.  Audiences love the opportunity to pick their favorite movie and CC7D Teams love knowing that their film made an impact in our community.  


As with everything in CC7D, there are strict guidelines that we follow to make sure that Audience Award voting is fair and equitable.  Here's how CC7D Audience Award voting works. 


Before each flight begins, a CC7D volunteer will hand out a paper ballot with the films that are being shown in that flight.  At the end of each flight, audience members can circle their selection for Audience Award in that flight.  Audience members may only pick one film on the ballot.  If more than one film is circled on the ballot, that Audience Award vote will not count.  Audience members must make sure to clearly circle only one film on the Audience Award Ballot.   


During the intermission between each flight, audience members place their ballots in the Audience Award Ballot Boxes that are placed in the hallway outside the theaters.  The ballots for each flight must be placed in an Audience Award Ballot Box before the next flight begins.  Audience Award ballots for each flight will not be accepted after the next flight begins.  For example, if an audience member places a Flight 1 ballot in the Audience Award Ballot Box  during the intermission between Flights 2 and 3, the ballot will NOT be counted. 

The top three vote-getting films will go to the Audience Award Finals voting at the Awards Ceremony at House of Rock.   Boxes will be placed at the in front of the stage at The Venue at House of Rock.  There is one box for each film that placed in the top three for each flight, making it a total of 9 films in the Audience Award voting finals.   All Day Pass Holders receive an Audience Award Finals voting token at the beginning of the Screening Day.    That token is used to vote for their favorite film in the finals voting round.  Only votes using the 2023 Audience Award Final voting token are counted.    Audience Award Finals voting at House of Rock begins at 8:00 pm and voting closes at approximately 8:30 pm.  Audience members should make sure that their voting token is in the film ballot box of their choice at that time.


Lost tokens will not be replaced, no exceptions.  Replacement ballots will not be given, no exceptions.  Ballots will not be given to audience members after the flight has started.  All Day Pass Holders will not receive an Audience Awards Finals voting token after the Screening begins at 1:00 pm, no exceptions. 

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